You’re never too old to look younger. At Harsha and Rakesh Salon, we go beyond superficial beauty by embracing the science behind it. We focus on soft-looking results. The techniques used are safe and custom-made. It helps maintain and preserve one’s natural beauty. Our holistic approach towards every client makes one feel relaxed and comfortable. We are not just a team of beauticians; we are a closely-knit family of artists that have come together to make every client feel beautiful from within. Our team of experts combines artistry with science to create stunning transformations and redefine aesthetics in the world of beauty.


Today, scientists focus on discovering new ways to enhance people’s beauty. Understanding skin, hair, and our bodies through science has helped divulge endless possibilities to create adapted beauty products for millions of consumers. We are well-equipped with innovative techniques and advanced technologies. We employ to enhance your natural features.


Ageing affects the Skin and Sense of Touch 

When we are young, our cells grow and get fixed automatically. As we age, the cells like us, become a little tired. Sometimes they even fall apart. Due to the lifestyle nowadays, the good cells are hampered and bad ones take over. Skincare at Harsha and Rakesh Salon rejuvenates the skin and enhances the cells behind the skin wall, making one’s skin feel lively.  


Pollution Damages the Skin

Air pollutants with sun exposure accelerate skin ageing. There are products to protect the skin from external bellicosities. They adapt to the environment to provide unique UV and pollution protection against water, sebum, sweat, and friction. Many skin treatments by Harsha and Rakesh reconstruct themselves if damaged to protect your skin.


Skin is the Land of Microbiotas

Microbiotas are a diverse community of microorganisms. It is an ecosystem made up of bacteria, fungi, and viruses. These all are on the surface of your skin. These microbiotas provide several benefits including protection from harmful organisms. Harsha and Rakesh’s treatments aid nourishment to the skin using specific ingredients. The skin’s natural secretion of sebum can be relaunched. It promotes skin hydration and flexibility. 


Hair and Scalp Care

Each hair grows from an individual follicle located within the scalp. The amount of oil produced on the scalp varies from person to person. Consistently removing debris, dirt, and oil from the scalp is vital. As skin care, scalp care is essential. Keeping it hydrated is a must. 

Harsha spills the beans out about a healthy scalp. She says, “The scalp should be clean, free from irritation and redness, free of flakes or any signs of infection. Our treatments are tailored based on the study of every client’s scalp. After thorough analysis, we select products and suggest treatments. Our treatments are meticulously curated. It provides nourishment to the scalp.”


Men and Women Age Differently and hence are Treated Differently

Men and women age differently. So do their skin and hair. Men and women are treated separately due to their difference in aesthetics. At Harsha and Rakesh Salon, there are different treatments. We understand the depth of the science of beauty. 


We are born beautiful and we have to work towards maintaining our beauty. Harsha and Rakesh are artists that make us feel beautiful in the same way as Picasso painting his ‘Guernica’ or BTS singing ‘Dynamite’. Do not procrastinate, book your sessions now with Harsha and Rakesh to pamper yourself and feel the newness in you.