Have you ever had a bad hair day? Of course, yes! I am sure every person is gone through a bad hair day at least once in a lifetime. But girls still like to be told they look nice even if they do not feel like it. 

Many of them share tips and tricks to hide bad and greasy hair. But when we have Harsha and Rakesh Salon’s expertise, then we do not have to beat around the bush. We will delve into the world of haircare and explore the expertise that sets Harsha and Rakesh Salon apart.


Here are some secrets we will unveil to set your hair bouncy, shiny and silky.


Different Types of Hair:

We have to understand the kind of hair we have. There are different types of hair straight, wavy, curly and oily. Every person’s hair has a different texture. Good hair is wavy or straight in texture, soft to the touch, has the ability to grow long, and requires minimum treatments or products to maintain.

Due to air pollution, water and excessive exposure to sun and dust, the hair follicles are affected causing hair loss. It can also trigger other issues like scar alopecia, alopecia areata, and chronic telogen effluvium.


Hair Problems Caused due to Air Pollution in a City

Problems observed among people due to air pollution, especially in cities:

  • Excessive sweating leads to irritation and redness in the scalp
  • Hair fragility and dryness
  • Peeling or dandruff, along with itching
  • Swelling and dirt around hair follicles
  • Oily scalp

Harsha and Rakesh have mastered the latest techniques and discovered the secrets behind helping their clients grow beautiful and healthy hair. The following haircare habits will help you reduce hair loss. These habits will transform your hair into healthy-looking hair.

Haircare habits prescribed by Harsha and Rakesh 

  • Cover your hair while walking on a road crowded with vehicles. Use a scarf or any soft cotton cloth. Your hair will not come in direct contact with dust and air pollutants.
  • Wash your hair regularly. It will prevent itchiness and dandruff. Use a sulphate–free, mild shampoo and good conditioner.
  • Avoid using mechanical tools extensively like hair dryers, hair straighteners, curlers etc.
  • Apply oil that suits your hair texture. You can also apply hair serum, which prevents hair damage.
  • Eat healthy food. Consumption of foods rich in nutrients for thick healthy hair is essential. It also boosts the strength of the hair and improves the quality of the hair.

Many beauty salons use products that are harmful to the skin and hair. One should have knowledge about the ingredients of the product before use. Imbibing good haircare habits will surely save you from a bad hair day. Salons in Mumbai provide various hair treatments, but choosing the right one is very important.

Harsha and Rakesh Salon provide various hair care services which involve hair treatment for men and women. They have the Luxurious Bath for hair cleansing, Scalp Rituals and many such services for dandruff and scalp treatments. They also have scalp treatments for hair growth, anti-dandruff, scalp soothing, anti-hair fall, purifying treatment etc. 

So, what are you waiting for? Book a slot now with Harsha and Rakesh and unleash the feel of lustrous, bouncy and beautiful hair.