Hair Styling

At Harsha & Rakesh we have a large variety of hairstyles that are designed to compliment your personality. We provide you with haircuts & hair colour that are fashionable and easy to maintain. We understand every client has their own different opinions & needs when it comes to haircut, hair colour & styling. When a fusion between superb technique and individuality happens, styles created are easy.

Hair Services

  • Wash and Deep Conditioning, Head Masssage
  • Hair Cut for female
  • Styling for men and blow dry
  • Ironing, Crimping, Tonging
  • Color, Highlights, Roots touch up
  • Straightening, Rebonding, X-tenso
  • Perming, Digital waves


Our Keratin treatment infuses keratin protein deeply into hair leaving it smooth & healthy. It renovates the fibre and Amplifies its strength from root to end.

Morocco Wash/ Blow Dry

Helps reconstruct the hair fibre, resurfaces the hair and & binds split ends leaving hair soft, smooth and with a non – greasy feel.


  • Hair Basics - Women

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  • Color - Women

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  • Hair Textures

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  • Hair Styling

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Hair Spa, Power Dose, Protein Treatment, Renew C

  • For dry and damaged hair
  • For chemically processed hair
  • Scalp treatments for dandruff
  • Oil balance treatment for greasy scalp
  • Hairloss treatment

Morocco Hair Spa Treatment

Controls frizz and protects hair from environmental factors, morocco oil treatment revives, hydrates and most importantly detangles hair, wigs and hair extension.

Clip On Extension

In this method the extensions can be attached and removed as per requirement. Easy to manage, no maintenance cost. The normal hair care regime needs to be followed such as wash & spa, apply serum etc.

Extension With Glue

This type of extensions are attached with the help of glue to your real hair. Only Professional hairstylists can attach & remove these extensions, it requires maintenance every three months.

Extension With Thread

In this method the extensions are attached by sewing it onto your hair with the help of a thread. It can be done only by professional technicians and requires maintenance after every one month.

Hair Braiding

It is done manually with the help of threads to your own hair. With fresh and innovative ideas by our hairstylist we have created different styles of hair braiding.


  • Hair Rituals

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  • Hair Extension

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